What is the difference between leaking and urinating?

Leaking is when a few drops of urine are released inadvertently from your bladder. Urinating is when you release your full bladder of urine.

How absorbent are UltiUndies?

UltiUndies currently has one absorbency level — up to 4 tsps of leakproof protection!

When do I use UltiUndies?

Our undies are very comfortable. You may use UltiUndies all day, 24/7. You can use our undies with your period as extra leak protection. Do not use UltiUndies if you cannot control your bladder and urinate fully. ULTIUNDIES ARE NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR DIAPERS, PADS, OR TAMPONS.

How does leakproof protection work?

Our leakproof undies feature a triple layer technology that ensures you stay fresh, dry and protected. The UltiUndies gusset or crotch (part of undies between the legs) is made up of three layers of fabrics: (1) the anti-odor top layer wicks away moisture from your skin and keeps you dry; (2) the middle layer retains your leak and does not allow it to seep thru to the third layer; (3) the third layer is the Modal, a very soft, cool, and breathable fabric.

Sometimes I leak when I’m exercising or coughing, etc. Are UltiUndies for me?

Yes!!! You can wear UltiUndies 24/7 and feel comfortable, safe and protected.

Are UltiUndies safe to wear?

Our fabrics are free of PFAS & PFOA chemicals which are harmful to people and the environment. Our middle fabric is organic cotton infused with silver ions which inhibit bacterial growth, control bad odors, and create long lasting freshness without toxic chemicals. Our top layer which touches your skin contains anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.

How were UltiUndies tested?

We at UltiUndies used two methods of testing. The first and most reliable test was wearing the undies and purposefully peeing before reaching the toilet. It was hard to measure the exact amount of pee that came out so we also tested the undies absorbency tolerance by dripping teaspoons of water on the crotch of the undies. On both instances we made sure that the outer layer of the crotch was dry and did not wet or stain the outer clothing. It was a fun and crazy experiment! Our conclusions were as expected, leakproof protection 24/7!!!

What does sustainable-produced wood mean?

Modal is a fabric derived from sustainable-produced wood. A sustainable-produced wood comes from a forest where the owners keep their forests healthy, protect clean water and wildlife habitat, and continually replant and more. The ecosystems in these forests are kept healthy.

What size am I?

UltiUndies fit true to size. Please check our size chart under “My Size” and you’ll be able to determine your correct size.

Does UltiUndies offer Gift Cards?

Yes!!! We have e-gift cards. Click on “Gift Cards” in the footer and complete the information required. We will charge your account and forward the gift card to the lucky recipient.

Do leakproof panties work during periods?

Yes, you can use our undies during your periods for extra leak protection. Our leakproof panties can soak up to 4 tsp of liquid.

Can I wear leakproof underwear every day?

Our undies are made of wicking fabric and are highly comfortable so you can wear them every day, 24/7.

Are they odor-free?

Yes, our undies are odor-free, prevent infections, and keep you dry.

The top layer of our leak-proof underwear is made of wicking fabric that absorbs moisture and transfers onto the second layer, thus keeping it dry.

The second layer is made of antimicrobial fabric that inhibits the growth of bacteria and reduces foul smell.

The next fabric layer prevents staining your clothing. 

Can I wear maternity underwear while swimming?

Though leakproof maternity underwear protect you from leakage, they are not suitable to wear in the pool. Like sanitary pads, these can soak up water while swimming.

Do I need to use a panty liner with maternity underwear?

No. Our maternity underwear are leak-proof and are designed to absorb 4 tsp of liquid, so there is no need to use pantyliners with them.

What size of maternity underwear should I buy?

We recommend buying one size larger than your normal underwear size to ensure optimum comfort.

Our undies fit true to size. Measure your waistline and hips to know your size. Check our size chart to determine your correct size.

Are these undies comfortable?

Yes. Our undies are comfortable and breathable that you can wear them all day, 24/7. They are made of fabric that is free of PFAS and PFOA chemicals and hence safe to wear without any discomfort.

Are they stain-proof?

Yes, our maternity underwear are stain-proof and can save you from any embarrassment. So wear them 24/7 without worrying about ugly stains. 

Are your leakproof panties reusable?

Yes. They are ultra-absorbent and reusable, so you can wear them again. Just wear, wash, and wear again. Simple.

Can I use bladder control panties during my period?

Yes, you can use bladder control panties during your periods.

Not only that, they provide the best leakage protection against urination, vaginal discharge, sweat, etc.

Are your bladder control underwear washable?

Yes, all our undies are washable.

It’s recommended to wash underwear by hand for extra care and lasting use. But you can machine wash them on a delicate cycle in cold water with light detergents. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners.

How long do undies last?

If taken care of well, these undies can last anywhere between 6 months to 2 years.

Follow a few care tips to last them longer:

  • Avoid ironing
  • Hand wash is recommended
  • Don’t use hot water for washing your panties
  • Use a mesh bag to keep them in good shape

Avoid using hard detergents and bleach

What if I receive the wrong size?

If you receive the wrong size of your undies, contact us immediately at info@ultiundies.com and proceed to return the product.

We will deliver you the correct size as soon as we receive your order. No shipping charges asked.

What if I am not happy with the product?

We offer a 30 Day Risk-Free Trial for new clients. After using our product for 30 days, if you are not happy, we will credit or refund you.

Please note, this policy is only for first-time customers.

Can I return my UltiUndies?

Yes!!! We offer a 30-Day Risk-Free trial for new customers.

If you are a new customer and trying UltiUndies for the first time, our “no questions asked policy for used undies” applies. We will fully refund you on your first pair of undies within 30 days even if they are worn. All other undies that you have purchased will be refunded if they are unworn and in their original package. We want you to be happy with your UltiUndies.

Please review our return policy under “Shipping and Returns Policy” and follow all instructions.

When will I receive my refund or credit?

You will receive your refund or credit as soon as your UltiUndies are received at our warehouse. Just let us know if you want a full refund or a credit or replacement of your UltiUndies.

What if the product is defective?

If you receive a damaged or defective product, return the item within 30 days of purchase and we will send you a replacement.

What do Ultiundies feel like?

What are Ultiundies made out of?

Are Ultiundies Underwear ECO Friendly?

How do Ultiundies help with Light Bladder Leakage?

Is the quality of Ultiundies Different than Other Brands?

Have More Questions?

Please feel free to ask us any other questions you may have about Ultiundies. We are here to keep you happy, safe, and comfortable.

Contact us at info@ultiundies.com