Laugh - Cough - Sneeze - Exercise - Sweat - OAB - Period - Menopause


All Day Protection
with our unique waterproof
reinforced vinyl barrier


Modal with Lace

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Modal with Lace

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French Cut Brief

Modal with picot elastic

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Modal with picot elastic

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Calling women of all generations!!!



    Is your baby pressing against your bladder?

    Did your episiotomy cause you to leak?

    We’re the solution to your problem!


    Are your hormones driving you insane?
    Are you bleeding so much that no protection is good enough?
    We’re the solution to your problem!

  • LBL - OAB* Light Bladder Leakage - Over Active Bladder

    Do you tinkle when you exercise, cough or sneeze?
    Is the bathroom never close enough?
    We’re the solution to your problem!

    *Light Bladder Leakage or OverActive bladder


    Is your workout obvious to the universe?  

    Is your sweat visible in the wrong places?

    We’re the solution to your problem!

Peeling Back Our Built-in Multi-layer Protection

After testing many sample fabrics and styles, and what seemed like a billion and one peeing tests, our three layers did the trick!

3 out of 10 Women

experience occasional bladder leakage.
Pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, or weaker pelvic muscles may contribute to this condition.

Wear your UltiUndies.
They’ll keep you feeling dry!

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No More Pantyliners!

  • Sarah G

    "Amazing panties! Very comfortable!! Best panties I ever bought! They are super comfortable, soft and sexy! I recommend them a 100%!!
    I don't shop pantyliners anymore!! :)"

  • Kirsten C

    "Great for working out! I got these underwear with the hope that they would help make my more sweaty workouts more comfortable and they worked beyond my expectations!"

  • Francine L

    "I’ve always used pantyliners with my tampons during my period. They never stay in place and get all wet and messy. I decided to try these panties, not because I “leak” but because I’m so sick of pantyliners! The UltiUndies hiphuggers made my week. I feel dry and secure and the fit is great! Never going back to pantyliners."

  • Lynette H

    "Wearing UltiUndies is as comfortable as my old undies. The crotch is not thick at all and protects very well. The undies are very comfortable. Love the fabric."

  • Gerri M

    "After three natural childbirths I tinkle when I least expect it. With these panties I always feel safe in my own pants. I no longer am afraid of someone noticing a water stain from behind. Nothing shows with UltiUndies."

  • Julia E

    "OMG! I can’t believe that I can jog and not have to worry where is the closest bathroom.
    I tried UltiUndies and kept on going even if a few pee drops came out. Love It! And panties are very comfortable. The modal bikini fits perfectly."