Why are UltiUndies Special?

Why are UltiUndies Special?

Yes, UltiUndies might be more costly than your usual panties but they merit its cost. 

No Stress No Shame!!! Our leakproof absorption of 4 tsp of liquid will hold any unexpected leakage or discharge. So many of us have experienced unpleasant situations where we may leak ending up with stains on our pants or dresses. With UltiUndies the wetness stays in your crotch. 

Our crotch is made of three thin layers. You are protected without the inconvenience of a pad or sticky, wet pantyliner. The top layer is a wicking fabric with three important qualities: anti-odor; anti-microbial; and anti-fungal. The middle layer has a protective organic cotton fabric covered with PUL (polyurethane). All the crotches in our panties are black which help hide any stains that might appear with use. We are not an incontinence panty so please do not fully empty your bladder while using UltiUndies.  

UltiUndies’ fabric, Modal, is sustainable and eco-friendly. Modal is soft, cool, breathable,  durable and wrinkle-free. Modal is an eco-friendly, sustainable fabric. The Beechwood tree,  where the fibers of the Modal come from, are grown in a natural environment and watered with recycled water. Our Modal has a four-way stretch which means you can easily slip them on and off. The panties move with your body.  

UltiUndies can be machine washed and dried (follow the instructions on our label) and they will last for a long time. Of course, if you want to take better care of them, hand washing is always appreciated.  

No More Pantyliners!!! Using your UltiUndies instead of pantyliners is a great financial savings and very convenient. Our panties protect you from any leak while you exercise, during pregnancy, when you cough or laugh, or during menopause when you’re not sure when you’ll start bleeding again. On the heavy days of your period wear them with a pad or tampon. You’ll feel more protected. Wash, wear, and wash your UltiUndies as often as you want. One purchase and you’re good to go for years to come. Save money… save trips to the store. No more pantyliners for your “oooopsie” moments. And, an extra bonus … protect the environment with less plastic being thrown into it! 

UltiUndies fit true to size. They are manufactured with love and care in a factory where most employees are women heads of households. Our undies are very stylish. The waist does not role down nor will it give you a “muffin top”. Our briefs and bikinis have French cut legs meaning that the legs are cut higher and sexier for a younger look, yet, with full coverage in the back. Our hiphuggers have a straight-cut leg and full coverage in the back as well.  

UltiUndies … try them and be worry free!!!  

Dianny Fishman

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