Protect Vaginal Discharge with Leakproof Maternity Underwear

Protect Vaginal Discharge with Leakproof Maternity Underwear

Being pregnant is such a beautiful and blessed time. You are bringing your child to the world, perhaps a mini me. You probably can’t wait to meet this beautiful little person. You can’t wait to witness your little person’s behavior, looks, character even. You and your body have nine months to prepare both physically and emotionally for this amazing event.

Your body needs these nine months for sure. Not only is your baby growing inside you, but you are going through physical changes that you never experienced before. You start feeling morning sickness, fatigue, and very achy feet. You also start feeling, and noticing, a watery vaginal discharge. Your underwear feel wet. You fear your clothes might be stained with this watery liquid dripping from your vagina.  Are you using maternity underwear?  Wear them and you’ll feel happier and protected.  UltiUndies is a great pair of leakproof maternity underwear I recommend.

You ask yourself, “What is this watery vaginal discharge? Is it normal?”  Yes it is!

Your body has started to work hard to keep you and your baby healthy. Leukorrhea, the vaginal secretion you are now experiencing, is a thick milky-white discharge. It’s similar to the discharge you might have between periods , but only heavier. Leukorrhea clears out dead cells in the vagina, which help maintain healthy bacteria in the birth canal, protecting you and your baby from infection. During your third trimester your discharge may appear heavier because your body has started to prepare to go into labor. Higher levels of the pregnancy hormone estrogen causes more blood to flow to your pelvic area, which in turn causes the extra discharge. Leukorrhea can turn pink and slightly bloody during the last days of your pregnancy.  By now I hope you have bought your leakproof maternity underwear and are wearing them every day.

It is important that you are aware of the type of discharge you are experiencing. Excessive watery discharge can be a sign that your water broke and amniotic fluid is leaking out. Amniotic fluid is of a light yellowish tint more than a white one, and a thinner consistency than leukorrhea. It also feels like a steady trickle or gush. If you are leaking amniotic fluid prematurely, call your doctor immediately.

Your incredible little person, your baby, finally arrives and you think all your discomforts felt during pregnancy are now going to disappear. Sorry, not all of your discomforts are gone, not quite yet.

Vaginal postpartum bleeding or lochia begins after delivery. You start experiencing a heavy flow of blood and mucus. It’s different from your period since it’s heavier and dark red in color. Your body is getting rid of all the extra blood and tissue it needed to feed your baby during your pregnancy. This stage of bleeding can last for up to ten days after delivery followed by light bleeding and spotting for up to four to six weeks more.

Your body has gone through amazing changes during and after your pregnancy. After all, isn’t pregnancy and childbirth a miracle!  Make yourself as comfortable as you can during this stage in your life. Do not use tampons because they might introduce bacteria and cause infections. Use pads only with your leakproof maternity underwear, UltiUndies, for extra protection. During your light discharge or light period days, leakproof maternity underwear used without pads are the best and most comfortable. You’ll feel more like yourself and sexier.

Congrats and enjoy your beautiful little miracle!!!

– Dianny

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