Pelvic Health 101

Pelvic Health 101

The pelvis is the boney structure between the abdomen and the thighs. Within the pelvic region several important structures exist which are vital to our well-being … the bony pelvis or the pelvic skeleton, the pelvic cavity, the pelvic floor, and the perineum.

The pelvic cavity is a body cavity bounded by the pelvic bone and contains our reproductive organs and rectum. Below the cavity is the pelvic floor which closes the pelvic and abdominal cavities and carries the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, vagina, rectum bladder, and urethra. Overlapping sheets of muscles and connective tissues, similar to a hammock, carry these organs as we breathe, move, even sleep. They also help control the openings of the rectum and urogenital (urinary and genital) organs.

No wonder a strong, healthy pelvic floor is essential to our well-being! We are able to pee and defecate normally, bare children comfortably, and enjoy our sexual relations. Pelvic Health is the “best possible functioning and management of the bladder, bowel, and reproductive organs.” (Google Search – Pelvic Health)

Leaking urine while exercising, coughing, sneezing, or laughing, or before reaching the toilet are visible signs of a weak pelvic floor. Stress incontinence caused by pressure on the pelvic cavity during pregnancy affects your pelvic health as well. As you age your estrogen levels are decreased, thusly, resulting in weaker pelvic muscles. Reduced sensation in the vagina can also be an indication of an unhealthy pelvic floor.

How do we strengthen our pelvic floor and improve our pelvic health? Correct breathing is essential. Breathe from your diaphragm. Take a deep breath and expand your belly.
Kegel exercises are very important. Teach your pelvic muscles to contract and relax. You can do these anytime, anywhere, by tightening your pelvic muscles and relaxing them. Eating healthy is always a plus. Certain foods, such as nuts and seeds, leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains are wonderful foods that will improve your uterus health. Lots of liquids, primarily water, are great for your bladder. And definitely a healthy mind, less anxiety and stress, leads to healthy pelvic health.

– Dianny

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