Menstrual Cups or Leakproof/Period Panties?

Menstrual Cups or Leakproof/Period Panties?

Women have so many options when deciding which method of protection to use during their bleeding days. Two of these methods of menstrual flow protection are menstrual cups and leakproof/period panties. The choice is usually made thru comfort and protection, economics and social consciousness, and cultural convenience.

The menstrual cup is a hygienic device shaped like a bell with a stem or ring. It is usually flexible and made of latex, thermoplastic isomer, or medical grade silicone. The cup is inserted into the vagina during menstruation and collects the flow released. When properly inserted, the cup seals against the vaginal wall below the cervix.

Leakproof/period panties are your normal panties with a modification on the crotch. Protective layers of fabrics, each with a purpose, prevent stains and accidents during your menstrual flow. UltiUndies developed a crotch using innovative fabrics which absorb and prevent blood from seeping through your underwear. The top wicking layer absorbs the blood and transfers it to the second layer, an organic cotton sealed with a polyurethane film. The menstrual flow is retained in this second layer.

Buy Menstrual Cups or Leakproof/Period Panties?

Menstrual cups are physically inserted into the vagina. The menstrual cup has to be the right size and must be positioned correctly in your vagina if not leaking will occur. Sometimes a lubricant helps for insertion. Thorough washing of the cup and hands is necessary to avoid introducing new bacteria into the vagina. Removing the cup might be messy. Your blood is held in the cup and might spill if not properly removed.

Leakproof/period panties are not complicated. Put on your undies and you are ready to go.
No inserting anything into your vagina, no sizing required, no lubricants. No special care.
No bacteria is entering your body when wearing leakproof/period panties.

Finally, both menstrual cups and leakproof/period underwear are reusable. This simple fact helps reduce solid waste. Washing and taking care of your menstrual cups and underwear is essential for longer duration. Menstrual cups should be washed with soap and water between insertions and boiled and stored properly after your menstrual cycle is over. Leakproof/period undies can be washed in your washing machine with your other clothes. We do recommend they be rinsed lightly if they are stained and you do not plan to do your wash immediately.

The initial cost of menstrual cups and leakproof/period undies is higher than other methods of menstrual protection, except for rags. In the long term, however, this cost becomes minimal since they are used and reused.

Now it is your decision to make — menstrual cups or leakproof/period undies? Inserting something into your body and possibly introducing bacteria into your body or just putting on your pair of underwear? Being completely comfortable and safe with your leakproof/period panties or slightly uncomfortable with a menstrual cup inside your vagina?
The choice is yours …

– Dianny

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