I threw out my pantyliners!

I threw out my pantyliners!

When my mom came to me with the idea of starting UltiUndies, my first thought was “great … a hobby that doesn’t involve the grandkids!” She had mentioned for years
her leaking a few drops when her bladder was full and didn’t reach the bathroom on time. I thought, “leaking,” another negative family trait I would probably inherit. Let’s add this one to the veins in my legs from my dad and arthritis in my hands from mom!
I did not consider the fact that leaking, OAB or overactive bladder, is a very common condition among women. Extra protection of fabric on your panties’ crotch was a great idea. I also did not realize that this extra protection could serve other purposes as well. I am only 42 and leaking was not in my vocabulary. My panties were good as they were.

Since leaking was not a condition I possessed, mom and her partner wanted me to test the underwear for another use. When the samples of UltiUndies arrived I was asked to use them during my menstrual cycle. Not without a tampon or a pad, but more for additional protection during heavy bleeding days. I usually wore a tampon and pantyliner together during my cycle. I felt safer being covered with both.

Personally, I hate pantyliners so the thought of not using one was welcoming. I can’t change my tampon every time I pee, and I do pee a lot. The string of the pantyliner ends up getting wet. When the pantyliner gets wet it detaches from the crotch and sometimes falls on the dirty public bathroom floor or in the toilet.

That’s it for that pantyliner and usually I don’t have a replacement to use. What happens next is not too pleasant … my underwear ends up super uncomfortable and wet. Before UltiUndies, being in this situation drove me crazy! I never thought there were alternatives.

Wow!!! Leakproof underwear was a great idea! I was in shock! I am still wearing my tampon but now I don’t need the pantyliner. I wear the same underwear all day long and even if my tampon string is wet, I no longer feel that uncomfortable.

The crotch stays dry! I no longer need to worry losing the pantyliner in the toilet and clogging it, or having to pick the yucky liner from the floor. Or worse, not having an extra pantyliner on me when I need it. I just change my tampon as usual and I go about my day! I may not be leaking like mom but these underwear helped solve my pantyliner inconvenience. I discovered something new at 42!

– Jessica

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