Here’s Why We Leak When We Exercise & What We Can Do to Prevent Leaking

Here’s Why We Leak When We Exercise & What We Can Do to Prevent Leaking

Do you leak when you run?  Tinkle when you do yoga?  Or whisper “Oopsie” when you cough or hear a hysterical joke.  No worries, I do too.  I admit it, openly, shamelessly!  It’s just a condition many women and men experience, in fact 3 out of 10 women and 1 out of 10 men.

Luckily today’s woman admits she is not perfect.  She leaks, so what!  And even better, “so what” now means exactly that.  “So what!” because with the right women’s leakproof underwear nobody else knows your secret and its ok because they won’t find out.

Why do we accidentally pee or leak when we exercise and what can we do to prevent leaking?

We have a few simple suggestions that might help.  

First of all, why does this happen?  

Exercise-induced urinary leakage or stress urinary incontinence (SUI)

“Exercise-induced urinary leakage” or “stress urinary incontinence” (SUI) occurs when your bladder is full and the pressure placed on it pushes the urine out.  A woman’s pelvic floor acts like a hammock holding layers of muscle supporting the bladder, bowel, and uterus.  If your pelvic floor is weak or damaged, the sphincter muscle opens up with the pressure and drops of pee drip out accidentally.  

Sports and exercise that involve a lot of running or jumping, which means jarring or bouncing your bladder or pelvic floor too much, are more likely to cause leaks.  Lower impact routines, such as swimming or yoga put less pressure on your bladder and help avoid leaks.

Here are a few suggestions that can help manage leaks while you are exercising:

Empty Your Bladder — Go to the bathroom before you start your exercise routine.  The emptier your bladder, the less pressure there is on the sphincter muscle and the more comfortable you will feel.  You do, however, have to remain hydrated during exercise so frequent sips of water are highly recommended.

Caffeine — Sodas, coffee, tea, and alcoholic drinks are considered diuretics.  Diuretics make the body lose fluids, therefore, more urges to urinate.  If you are exercising you might find yourself with an unintended leak.  Drink your caffeinated drinks at least two hours before exercising and you’ll be safe.

Kegel Exercise — Nothing better to prevent leaks then strengthening your pelvic muscles!  Kegel is the number one recommended treatment for preventing bladder leaks.  Try to incorporate this exercise into your daily routine.  First, contract those muscles that you would use to stop your urine flow; second, hold the contractions for 3 seconds and then relax.  It’s an easy and effective exercise.  Try to do 3 sets of ten repetitions 3 times a day.

Breathe — Don’t forget to breathe!  Holding your breath during exercise, lifting or sprinting increases the intra-abdominal pressure and makes urinary leakage more likely.  Also it can weaken your pelvic floor muscles.  

Leakproof Underwear Really Works!  

Wear Leakproof Underwear — Leakproof underwear work!!!  The crotch technology in these panties absorbs your drops of pee and transfers them to a second layer which will retain the wetness there.  The outer layer of your panties and your-outer-clothing remain dry.  You’ll exercise, perhaps leak, and it’s all good.


– Dianny

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