Disposable or Washable Leakproof Underwear?

Disposable or Washable Leakproof Underwear?

“Is disposable leakproof underwear for women still available?” Well, kind of.

More appropriate question nowadays “Is disposable leakproof underwear for women the only option for leaking?” Well, no. There are two types of leakproof underwear: (1) incontinence disposable and (2) washable and reusable. Both are available in the size you need and different absorbencies. Washable and reusable are available in different styles, shapes, fabrics, absorbency, and are environmentally friendly.

The washable and reusable panties can be used at all times, with your period or any other day. It’s 24 hr. protection against any type of leak. The key is getting the right absorbency (light, moderate, or heavy) for your individual needs. And being aware of your body’s needs at the moment.

If you are close to getting your period, be prepared and wear leakproof period panties. If your period arrives a day early, you are protected. If your period is very heavy, add an additional protection by wearing leakproof underwear with your pads. If by the end of your cycle you are tired of tampons or pads, only wear your leakproof underwear and you’ll be covered.

You are pregnant! Did you know that the pressure on your bladder causes you to leak more than usual or experience an unpleasant discharge. After delivery, periods usually are heavier than normal and you might even leak more often. Everyday use of pads or disposable underwear are ok, but they are unappealing and costly and a burden on our environment. Switch to incontinence underwear with bladder leak protection. You’ll find them in many styles, such as, bikinis, hiphuggers, or briefs, and feel like you’re still wearing your usual panties. You’ll continue to feel sexy, stylish, and protected all day.

You might be in your late 40’s – early 50’s and experiencing peri-menopause, the transition into menopause. You are just learning to understand what your body will go through. You might bleed at any moment. Don’t stress over whether you’ll be staining your clothes. Wear incontinence underwear with leak protection and you won’t have to worry.

You reached menopause and it seems you are bleeding all day, every day. Sometimes your discharge is heavier, other days lighter. You have to be prepared 24/7 to ensure you don’t have any embarrassing accidents. There are many disposable period protection products you can use, but you have to keep spending time and money buying online or going to the store. Washable and reusable underwear are definitely worth considering.

As you browse through the many options for single-use disposable incontinence products, you’ll be surprised how affordable these items have become. You’ll find that they come in many shapes, sizes and even designs. Most come in a plastic nylon material which prevent the leak from passing through. The bad news is that you constantly have to be buying them since your needs are daily or monthly. You are spending money, wasting precious time, and filling the landfill unnecessarily.

The good news is that you have another option. Leakproof washable and reusable underwear have become very popular and also come in many shapes, styles, designs, fabrics and absorbency. You choose your style and shape, buy them once, and wash and reuse them for many months, even years to come.

Hope I’ve helped you decide which are the right leakproof incontinence underwear for you and your body.


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