2 Generations +1 Happy with their Leakproof Undies!

2 Generations +1 Happy with their Leakproof Undies!

The thought of developing leakproof underwear, UltiUndies, came onto my mind over three years ago.  Since then, I have been talking with many of my friends about leaking.  I discovered that many had a leaking condition.  It isn’t lack of bladder control such as urinary incontinence, but more an overactive bladder (OAB) that ends up with an unexpected leak at certain times.  A few drops come out when we laugh, cough, sneeze, during certain exercise, jogging, or when our bladder is too full and we take our time visiting a restroom.  

We also talked about our daughters and granddaughters.  Of course, the granddaughters are too young for leaking issues, but the daughters tinkled like their mothers during certain situations.  Age and childbirth are significant when it comes to leaking.  Our pelvic muscles weaken with age and childbirth, subsequently, we have less control over them.  I also believe we are drinking too much water which is very good but we do end up with full bladders sooner.  Many of us have water bottles on hand while doing our errands and can’t always stop for a bathroom break.

Another significant fact I found during my conversations with my friends was that many of their daughters, who are now in their late 40’s and perhaps premenopausal, are dealing with heavy flow periods.  Hormonal changes may be occurring without any other noticeable changes in their bodies.  This is affecting their quality of life.  Blood leaks onto their clothes or bedsheets which is very unpleasant and annoying.  They change their pads or tampons twice as often as they used to.  And worse, they wake up often at night to change again.  This new lifestyle is no fun and ends up being costly.

Our granddaughters on the other hand have lighter periods.  Few of them keep track of their menstrual cycle, the date their period is due to arrive or its frequency.  This is a fact that will probably continue to exist.  That’s the beauty of youth, carefree!  Sometimes they find themselves in embarrassing situations because of this lack of attention.  What can be worse for a high school student than to find herself with her period and no pads or tampons in her backpack?  Definitely horrifying and awkward.

Leakproof underwear are a great solution to all these circumstances.  They are very comfortable and can be used every day.  Ours come in many styles and sizes … briefs, bikinis, and hiphuggers.  I wear mine 24/7.  I no longer worry about leaks showing up on my pants.  My daughter uses hers in addition to a tampon and feels very safe that no blood will stain her clothes.  My niece wears hers during her morning jog on the beach where her only bathroom is the ocean.  And, my granddaughter wears hers when she suspects her period is coming.  We no longer have the need for pantyliners.  We no longer have the worry of finding ourselves in a shameful or annoying situation.  Our new life with leakproof panties is wonderful.  How sweet for us, for our environment, and for our pocketbooks. 


– Dianny

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