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I gladly confess that I was never so happy to get to midnight on December 31st as I was this year. It was definitely a “Bye Felicia” moment. In fact, a “Bye Bye 2020” moment. Please 2020, leave! Get out! Not one more second of you! Another year like you is intolerable.

2020 was such a difficult year for everyone. It was totally inconvenient, fearful, sad, exhausting, weird, and so much more. The news was more depressing than ever. The daily tally of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, with Coronavirus was draining. The sum of daily deaths worldwide unbearable. First the ill or dead were strangers. Then they became acquaintances. And now, family and close friends. Very very sad.

I welcomed 2020 with open arms. It was to be a good, fun year. I had many projects ahead of me. January was Rome, Italy, with my son and his family celebrating my grandson’s Bar Mitzvah. February was a party month, my grandson’s party. April was for travel to Japan. The summer was to be the introduction of UltiUndies, my leakproof underwear company, to the
e-commerce market. December was scheduled for travel again. And POOF!!! like magic, except for the February celebration of my grandson, all other plans were cancelled.

Coronavirus … Covid-19 caused a national lockdown. Nothing to do but stay home and organize my life as smoothly as possible. Amazing how most of us are survivors and learn to adapt. Me, who does not follow schedules to the tee, set up one to live by. And it felt good. Dressed by 9:30 am; work for 4-5 hours; lunch in between; bike riding on the beach path during the afternoon; after exercise, enjoying a glass of wine with veggies & dip while reading a book; and finally, dinner and Netflix around 7:30 pm.

Governor Cuomo’s press conference was my 11:00 am alarm. Jake Tapper my 4:00 pm news report. Erin Burnett and Anderson Cooper my dinner hour.

After two months I started going stir crazy. I missed my kids and grandkids whom I used to see regularly. I missed direct contact with friends. I missed the ability to leave my house and run errands at my own discretion. My zoom calls were frustrating and unproductive.

Interesting enough though, I didn’t miss shopping; eating out at restaurants; doctor’s visits; traveling; large parties, etc. I enjoyed the quietness of my environment. The return of our healthier air and the animals sensing tranquility. The attentiveness of our neighbors felt wonderful. The generosity of those who could give was beautiful.

For two months this life in quarantine was ok. Maybe for 4 months it wasn’t bad. But this insecurity in our lives has gone on for too long. Masks are to be worn yet many ignore the request. Coronavirus is very contagious and deadly but many call it a hoax. Hospitals are over crowded and people are dying alone. In the country of the “free and abundant”, the
United States of America, and many other countries around the world, people are jobless, penniless, hungry. Leaders are ignoring their calls for help.

What is wrong? Why? What a difficult, pathetic way to live in today’s world. I repeat, “This way of life is no longer acceptable!” Please, no more chaos, no more craziness, no more ignoring the facts.

Bye Bye 2020!
Welcome 2021! Let us regain our lives, our humanity, our having a normal life!


– Dianny

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