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Our Fabrics

Our Modal is softer than cotton. Its fibers are produced by dissolving pulp from the beechwood tree, a sustainable-produced wood. Modal is a very soft, cool and breathable fabric that has higher resistance to shrinking and moisture wicking.

Our middle-layer fabric is made of organic cotton infused with silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth, control bad odors and create long lasting freshness without toxic chemicals. This fabric is free of PFAS & PFOA chemicals, known to be harmful to people and the environment.

Our wicking fabric contains anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. It is produced in an eco-friendly factory that proudly supports single women, heads of households.

the beechwood tree

Peeling Back Our Built-in Multi-layer Protection

After testing many sample fabrics and styles, and what seemed like a billion and one peeing tests, our three layers did the trick!

Understand Ulti Undies design
Understand Ulti Undies design


Transfers moisture to keep you dry
Anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-odor

Leak Protection

Organic cotton
Protective film stops leakage in its tracks
4 tsps of absorption – perfect for light leaks and activewear


Sustainable Modal Technology
Soft, cool, breathable, durable
Earth and wallet friendly
Washable and reusable

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